Custom Calendar Magnets

In December 2009, I created a custom set of calendar magnets to help my mum keep track of where I was or had to be.

Can you guess what each one is supposed to be?*

Here is what you need to create your own set:


  • Flat, thin magnets (I used the yearly calendar magnets sent by real estate agents)
  • Paper (to draw on)
  • Colour pencils
  • Black ink pen
  • Wide sticky tape

Step 1: Magnets

Cut your magnets up into evenly sized rectangles.

Step 2: Draft drawing

Place a magnet piece on a piece of paper and trace around it using a pencil. It’s best to use a paper that is somewhat thicker than normal paper – even art paper would work nicely.  For variation, you can also use papers of different colours (rather than boring white like me).

Then use a pencil to outline the picture and day of the week.

Go over that outline with a black ink pen.

Step 3: Layer it.

Colour in your drawing.

Then cut out another piece of paper the same size. I did this, because I could see slightly through my drawing paper and needed to thicken it. You may not need to do this.

Layer the pieces like in the photograph: magnet, piece of paper, piece of paper with drawing/words.

Step 4: Sticky tape

Apply a piece of thick sticky tape on top of the piece of paper with drawing/words. Trim the sticky tape so that there is about a half cm excess on all sides.

Sorry for the blurry photograph, but basically you cut off the sticky tape on each corner of the magnet.

Fold the stick tape over onto the back of the magnet.

And there you have it! Repeat with all the magnets you want.

In addition, I also made small magnets to show the common places I would be at.

And this is how I’ve used mine.

*Ninja, pirate, incognito, gingerbread, winter, vampire, Frankenstein

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