Easy Personalised Pop Up Cards

I can’t find the original site which inspired me now, but it used a very simple pop up method with a cupcake image.

Here is an alternative site which basically demonstrates the same method: http://extremecards.blogspot.com/2008/05/pop-up-card-tutorial-lesson-1.html

Materials I used:

  • Card stock paper – I used paper from my drawing book (white) and folder dividers (maroon and green colour)
  • Silver or gold pen – to show up against the dark maroon and green colour.
  • Black ink pen – to outline the drawing
  • Colour pencils

Here’s the 2nd birthday card that I made.

I basically personalised it with scribbles and used cartoon drawings inspired by Google searches of European buildings.

The steps are essentially:

  1. Draw (in pencil) a rough sketch of what you want to pop out.
  2. Outline in black ink pen and wait for it to dry.
  3. Erase the pencil markings
  4. Colour in with colour pencil.
  5. Cut around it.
  6. Create pop up box as in tutorial link: http://extremecards.blogspot.com/2008/05/pop-up-card-tutorial-lesson-1.html
  7. Glue drawing onto pop up box.
  8. Decorate and write message around the pop up – using gold or silver pen.


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