Gift wrapping, pamphlet deliveries, GreenPower and biking

Pamphlet deliveries

Pamphlet deliveries

It’s amazing how much we can all accomplish in one day. I’m not talking about earning $X in one day. Rather the number of DIFFERENT things we can all do – even if they’re very little, have no material benefit, or seem mundane.

Why can’t we make the mundane fun?

In the remaining month’s freedom before I start full-time work as a government graduate, I’m taking the opportunity to do silly, inefficient things. Because I’m worried. I’m worried that next year, 9-5pm (well, less, because it’s government) 5 days a week will kill my enthusiasm for doing, for experimentation. By then, I will be worried about work, exams (yes, this job has exams) and money. Then I will worry about houses and loans.

But in the meantime, I will worry about volunteer gift wrapping, pamphlets, GreenPower and riding my bike around the neighbourhood.

Volunteer Gift Wrapping

In the past 2 weeks, I’ve done some volunteer gift wrapping at the local shops for Relay for Life (Cancer Council). It’s a lot of fun to wrap presents for people, especially when they bring you randomly shaped objects like a football, soccer ball, skateboard thing etc. It’s also fun, because there’s so many shoppers during the Christmas period that you aren’t left standing and bored for very long.

For every wrapped gift, we ask for a gold coin donation, which is a fantastic way to raise money. It’s also surprisingly cheaper than wrapping your own presents. I mean, we don’t just wrap your present. We wrap it well. We wrap a ribbon around it and we tie an amazing-looking bow onto the top.  Those amazing-looking bows cost you $3 already in The Reject Shop!

Pamphlet Deliveries

Three weeks ago, in a panic to earn some extra money during this lull between uni and full-time work, I signed up to do pamphlet deliveries (with Salmat).

Let me just warn and clarify to everyone – that this is NOT a way to make good money.

The pay is low. The folding of 400+ pamphlets gives you paper cuts and blacked fingers. The carrying of 400+ pamphlets on a trolley and envirobags takes a LONG time.

For example, this weekend’s deliveries was $47ish. This pays for – collating and folding pamphlets into the envirobags (as seen on the right) in front of Lost Season 3 (four hours) and delivering them with my mum (2 people takes almost 2 hours).

So why am I doing this job?

  • Well, I’m never going to have the chance to do a low paid job after next year!
  • It’s also an easy way to earn extra money these holidays.
  • I get a chance to exercise and explore my neighbourhood.

Does it goes against my environmental attitudes (pamphlets = waste of paper?)? No. I was impressed by the Salmat deliverer guidelines, which actually instruct us NOT to deliver pamphlets if houses have “No Junk Mail” signs or if the mailbox is already full (don’t force them, the box will explode!). In light of this, I like that Salmat is determined not to be a nuisance to residents. They respect people’s rights not to receive “junk mail” and also utilise common sense when delivering to mail boxes, which look like they might explode or which look like they’re never emptied.

Anyway, enough of this rant – I did this today from about 10am -12pm.

My bike


Another exciting change (well I find it exciting) is that I’ve persuaded my parents to switch our energy to 10% GreenPower. We simply called up Energy Australia to enquire about their PureEnergy and made the switch yesterday! For an extra $14.30 per quarter ($57.20 per year) we’ve made a move towards more sustainable energy.

Given that we don’t use solar power or water tanks, I think this GreenPower move is a good start.


After weeks (and months) of simply talking about getting my bike out, I finally did it yesterday! We pumped up the tires and wiped off the dust. Then I set about cycling back and forth in my backyard. Although less than 10m, I already struggled to get started and balance!

After much practise, I, today, decided to brave… the outside world.

It was a lot of fun, just riding by myself, along the neighbourhood road then down to the local park. Although there were a few moments where I felt really uncoordinated I’m gaining confidence.  Although, on the way back, I did end up riding into a two bushes…


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