DIY Mini Christmas Gifts Part 2

Over the past 3 days, I’ve been making another set of handmade Christmas gifts.

Recycled Envelopes

Inspired by this Craftster post, I created sets of recycled envelopes.

What you need:

  • An envelope
  • Calendars, fashion magazines etc – big enough to fit the net of the envelope
  • Glue + scissors
  • Black marker
  • Card stock for the notecards

1. Find an envelope the size of which you want to create – then gently rip it open and flat.

2. Trace onto the calendar (or in this case  a fashion magazine/book) and cut it out.

3. Fold the net of the envelope up and glue it together. As you can see I also added a light gray rectangle to the front of the envelope, so there is some place to write the address.

4. Create matching note cards to go with the envelopes – I used index cards because they were the perfect size, then I just made them a bit more interesting with cut outs and a black marker

In the end, had 27 envelopes (and matching note cards) made!

The top 4 rows are from a Bardot and Sportscraft “magazine”. Then the next 4 rows are from a Manet calendar, followed by the last 3 from another fashion magazine.

Here’s a close up of the 2 sets.

Then I wrapped them in white tissue paper and stuck a recycled bow on top.

The bows are made from the scraps of the Manet calendar and made using this tutorial.

Lino and Pop Up Christmas Cards

Each envelope/card set above also went with a handmade Christmas card.

1. Carved two lino prints: snow man and gift box. Stamped the snow man lino onto some paper.

2. After discovering it smudged a bit (even after drying – it feels a bit powdery), we covered it in cellophane.

3. Then got some card stock and folded it in half.

4. At the fold, cut 2 parallel snips and folded it over as such – to create a pop up (see this tutorial).

5. The pop up on the inside of the card should look like this.

6. I covered the outside with some spare coloured card stock.

7. Stuck on the cellophane-lino snowman.

8. Draw a personalised image inside the lino gift box. Since the lino gift box is also a bit powdery, I “contacted” it with some wide clear tape.

Here is the complete set of cards!

It’s been a tiring few days!


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