Knitting in 2011

I decided to restart knitting this year in order to use up the bundles of wool lying around my house. I also received some Lincraft knitting books  a while ago as birthday presents and have finally got around to reading them!

As part of my 2011 resolutions, I’ve decided to finally learn how to read those knitting codes and terminology! For example, I could knit, but I never understood what purl, stocking stitch, garter stitch etc meant.

After some help from youtube and my mum, I’ve started on a beanie using Lincraft’s Big Wool.

Although the knitting book tells you to create 1  piece, then set it together to create the beanie – my mum has told me to modify the pattern to just create the beanie in one go (without sewing at the end). This is a photo of the progress so far. I’ve been doing it whilst watching Lost at home – two enjoyable activities in one!

What I’ve also resolved to do this year is to knit a wrap for Wrap with Love. I previously did this, but only knitted a few squares.

This year, my goal is to: knit an entire wrap – 28 squares of 10 by 10 inches!

I haven’t started it yet but probably after this beanie.

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