Happy Australia Day – too hot for lemon tarts?

The past few days have been incredibly hot, between 30-40 degrees. In the heat, it’s difficult maintaining the motivation to do anything but lie underneath the fan. Basically, I have been inside my house – I avoid going outside into the sun or even looking outside! I collect my mail in a mad dash from the front porch to the letterbox. It’s not that I’m some kind of mole or vampire, but that the sun seriously looks searing.

Anyway, in trying to do something productive (rather than lying on the couch all day), I made a lemon tart today:

Lemon tart

It’s actually based on the recipe from the lemon meringue tart recipe from last time but this time, I’ve just left off the meringues. I’ve been trying to find the perfect lemon tart recipe which does NOT use cream, and which isn’t too sweet. The actual lemon tart recipe I have has been too floury in the past (uses flour to make the filling set), whilst the lemon meringue tart recipe has had the problem of being 1) too sweet; 2) too liquidy.

Today, I experimented and used these amounts for the lemon curd:

  • 2 lemons (juice and rind) – instead of 3 lemons as in the recipe, because the lemons were quite large
  • 2 egg yolks – instead of 3 egg yolks, because less eggs = more healthy?
  • 1 table spoon of sugar – instead of 150 grams = more healthy?
  • 80 gram margarine
  • 45 gram cornflour – apparently this converts into 1 cup, but I used maybe 1 1/2 tbsp instead.

I just tried the result tonight and:

  • It is too sour – almost to the point of bitterness!
  • The centre is still quite soft – though not liquidy – and perhaps I should have added more cornflour/eggs to make it set

Oh well, it is a trial and error process!

I’ve also started my new square, which you can see here going very slowly. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get it done a lot faster once I start going to work and doing it on the bus/train.

In other random news, I will soon be admitted as a solicitor in the NSW Supreme Court! The ceremony is in February and I’m excited. After 5 years of a Law/Arts degree, I’ll finally have some “qualification” besides such the degree certificates. Although I won’t be practicing as a solicitor this year, it’ll be awesome to be admitted and perhaps I can practice next year.

Next Monday, I’ll be finally starting my first full-time job at the ATO for the tax man.


Admission into the Supreme Court NSW


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