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9 January 2011

Finished Beanie and Lemon Meringue Tart

With many free hours at home, I’ve been watching Lost Season 1 and 2, and knitting at the same time.

So, now my beanie has been finished really quickly (just yesterday).

It’s a bit tight for my liking and I currently can’t wear it over my ears. Hopefully it’ll stretch out a bit with use. Using Lincraft’s Big Wool was interesting. Essentially, the wool is a blend of the colours (see picture) and it varies from very thin strand to big, fluffy strands. This creates a rather “uneven” look, rather than uniform stitches. As you can see in the photo, there’s some really tightly knit parts and some more fluffy, larger stitches.

I’m proud of my beanie though – the first I’ve ever knitted.

I’ve also learnt what stocking stitch and purl mean.

On Thursday, a friend from uni came over and we baked a lemon meringue tart. This was actually my 2nd attempt at this recipe.

In the 1st attempt with another friend, we had made a few mistakes – we whipped the egg whites too early and the meringue deflated, we didn’t add the cornflour to the lemon curd fast enough and ended up with many lumps, we baked the lemon curd instead of refridgerating it, we burnt the meringue top.

In this 2nd attempt, I solved all those above problems, but still encountered others – the lemon curd was runny because it was heated by the grill, the meringue is a bit over burnt.

This recipe seems to require a 3rd attempt and I anticipate we may experiments with:

  • Refridgerating the lemon curd in the tart BEFORE adding the meringue top
  • Using a blow torch to do the meringues rather than the grill – to avoid heating the lemon curd
7 January 2011

Knitting in 2011

I decided to restart knitting this year in order to use up the bundles of wool lying around my house. I also received some Lincraft knitting books  a while ago as birthday presents and have finally got around to reading them!

As part of my 2011 resolutions, I’ve decided to finally learn how to read those knitting codes and terminology! For example, I could knit, but I never understood what purl, stocking stitch, garter stitch etc meant.

After some help from youtube and my mum, I’ve started on a beanie using Lincraft’s Big Wool.

Although the knitting book tells you to create 1  piece, then set it together to create the beanie – my mum has told me to modify the pattern to just create the beanie in one go (without sewing at the end). This is a photo of the progress so far. I’ve been doing it whilst watching Lost at home – two enjoyable activities in one!

What I’ve also resolved to do this year is to knit a wrap for Wrap with Love. I previously did this, but only knitted a few squares.

This year, my goal is to: knit an entire wrap – 28 squares of 10 by 10 inches!

I haven’t started it yet but probably after this beanie.

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4 January 2011

Origamic Architecture

I recently became interested in origamic architecture after seeing some amazing work being sold as cards at The Rocks markets. So like most things I admire, I went online and tried to find out how to do it.

I started off with these basic exercises, then went on to some actual architecture on New Year Monday:

This is the one that I made – a kind of villa. It actually didn’t take much time to do! I was watching Friends with SM and the time flew by.

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3 January 2011

Fabric Book Jacket

Another post from December 2008. My group of highschool friends were having a Secret Santa and I’d bought a book from Japan for my person. I also wanted to make a Japanese-styled book cover for her. Here’s how it went:

  1. Measure your book’s width, length and (spine) height. Mine was: 11.5cm width, 1.5cm height and 19cm length.
  2. Plan a rectangle – the width will be the book’s length (19cm) and the length will be 1/2 book’s width (approx. 5.5cm) + book width (11.5cm) + book height (1.5cm) + book width (11.5cm) + 1/2 book’s width again (5.5cm) = 25.5cm TOTAL. The 1/2 book widths are for the fabric that will fold over into the inside of the book later.
  3. Add 1.5cm seam to your plan.

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31 December 2010

No Sew T-shirt Refitting

Another post from the past (Dec 2009) – I was inspired by this tutorial last-last year.


  • Large t-shirt
  • Scissors

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29 December 2010

DIY Mini Christmas Gifts Part 2

Over the past 3 days, I’ve been making another set of handmade Christmas gifts.

Recycled Envelopes

Inspired by this Craftster post, I created sets of recycled envelopes.

What you need:

  • An envelope
  • Calendars, fashion magazines etc – big enough to fit the net of the envelope
  • Glue + scissors
  • Black marker
  • Card stock for the notecards

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28 December 2010

DIY Mini Christmas Gifts Part 1

I’m not sure about other people, but I spent my Christmas and Boxing Day doing a lot of crafting!

My parents had a group of friends over on Monday, so I decided to make little gifts for each couple.

The little personalised magnets were made using the same method as my custom fridge magnets.

The only difference is that the images (ie. the little present or cracker image) are cut out from an old Christmas card and then stuck on over the contact. I just stuck it on using sticky tape rolled over.

The denim notebooks and notepads I did not make. They were charity merchandise which I decided to add the custom magnets too. Otherwise the custom magnets would have seemed too small by themselves.

More craftiness coming soon!

25 December 2010

Merry Christmas with DIY cards!

Ok, so these photos aren’t from this Christmas, but from 2007. I can’t believe that these photos are from so long ago! They seem like 2009… but shocker – 2007.

I took some scraps from wrapping paper and crackers…

And created Christmas cards which I used the following year!

Basically I found some white cardboard (of the right size) and arranged the scraps in a ‘creative’ way. Then I went about gluing and taping (the larger items) onto the cover.

This year (2010) I’ll be working on DIY cards with the bf, SM. So we’ll see what we come up with. All I can say at this point is that it involves… lino!

19 December 2010

Easy Personalised Pop Up Cards

I can’t find the original site which inspired me now, but it used a very simple pop up method with a cupcake image.

Here is an alternative site which basically demonstrates the same method:

Materials I used:

  • Card stock paper – I used paper from my drawing book (white) and folder dividers (maroon and green colour)
  • Silver or gold pen – to show up against the dark maroon and green colour.
  • Black ink pen – to outline the drawing
  • Colour pencils

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16 December 2010

Christmas Paper Clips

In December 2008, I made  a series of Christmas paper clips as mini-gifts.


  • Metal wire
  • Wire clippers and pliers

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