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23 December 2010

Gift wrapping, pamphlet deliveries, GreenPower and biking

Pamphlet deliveries

Pamphlet deliveries

It’s amazing how much we can all accomplish in one day. I’m not talking about earning $X in one day. Rather the number of DIFFERENT things we can all do – even if they’re very little, have no material benefit, or seem mundane.

Why can’t we make the mundane fun?

In the remaining month’s freedom before I start full-time work as a government graduate, I’m taking the opportunity to do silly, inefficient things. Because I’m worried. I’m worried that next year, 9-5pm (well, less, because it’s government) 5 days a week will kill my enthusiasm for doing, for experimentation. By then, I will be worried about work, exams (yes, this job has exams) and money. Then I will worry about houses and loans.

But in the meantime, I will worry about volunteer gift wrapping, pamphlets, GreenPower and riding my bike around the neighbourhood.

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