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3 January 2011

Fabric Book Jacket

Another post from December 2008. My group of highschool friends were having a Secret Santa and I’d bought a book from Japan for my person. I also wanted to make a Japanese-styled book cover for her. Here’s how it went:

  1. Measure your book’s width, length and (spine) height. Mine was: 11.5cm width, 1.5cm height and 19cm length.
  2. Plan a rectangle – the width will be the book’s length (19cm) and the length will be 1/2 book’s width (approx. 5.5cm) + book width (11.5cm) + book height (1.5cm) + book width (11.5cm) + 1/2 book’s width again (5.5cm) = 25.5cm TOTAL. The 1/2 book widths are for the fabric that will fold over into the inside of the book later.
  3. Add 1.5cm seam to your plan.

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