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25 January 2011

Not Getting Much Done Whilst Sick – Knitting and Baking

It’s been almost 2 weeks since my last post! I was sick for over a week and still have a cough now. It’s frustrating how when you’re sick, even though crafts don’t require much physical energy, I still couldn’t be bothered to do anything but lie on the couch and watch Veronica Mars and Supernatural.

Last week, I was finally well enough to try a bit of baking. I decided to have a go at making plain scones – I’ve made them in the past, but they didn’t turn out very well at all. They were rock hard and I had to saw through them with a knife to cut them in half! 😦

My favourite place to eat scones in Sydney is the Tara Tea Room in The Rocks, Sydney. Their scones are delicious, freshly baked every few hours, and huge! I usually order the $10 combination, which gives you 2 scones and a drink of your choice. It’s surprisingly filling and a great lunch option!

The scones which I made last Friday aren’t as big or impressive, but here’s a photo of them.

Homemade scones

As you can see, they don’t seem to have risen enough and are more round than cylindrical. The recipe I used was a bit too wet and we ended up using a lot of extra flour. But the great thing was – they turned out super soft! I was dreading the fact that they might turn out as rock-like as my past attempt at scones.

Beyond baking, I’ve also been doing a little bit of knitting for Wrap for Love – but admittedly, it is taking forever! Maybe I’m a really slow knitter – I’m not sure… Here is the first of many squares to come! It measures 27 cm x 27 cm.

I just finished it today, and I also started my 2nd square already, using the same wool colour.

Next week, I’m going to be starting full time work! I can’t believe it’s so soon. But I’m hoping to get a few more crafty things done before and after I start work:

  • Make puff pastry from scratch.
  • Remove the lace from my black tights – I’m using them for dance and the lace is weird.
  • Fix the picnic mat bag.
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